Toilet Frame Height Adjustable With Seat

Article Number: HFHA0502
Brand: Helping Hand
The adjustable toilet frame with a seat is designed to make it easier for you to get up and down from the toilet. It gives you extra support and reassurance in using the toilet, without the worry of dropping down and being able to get back up. The seat helps to raise the height of the toilet so you do not have to lower yourself down too far. Putting a frame around your toilet needs no installation and can make a big impact to personal dignity. It gives you the confidence of something to hold onto when sitting on or getting off the toilet. What are the benefits? Armrests – support when sitting, standing or getting on or off the toilet Integrated toilet seat raiser – reduces distance to sit down/stand up Reduces effort, balance and worry Height adjustable – 24″- 30″ / 60cm – 75cm Weight capacity – 190kg (30 stone)
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