Europharma Ltd was the first company in Malta to open a retail outlet with aides for the elderly and disabled over 30 years ago. Over these 3 decades, we are proud to have been serving in this sector, offering a variety of products and advice to make the life of our esteemed patients better. Our focus has always been on improving the quality of life of our customers, by offering value for money products coupled with thorough advice on how to make best use of products sold. We have over 3500 products to serve our customers’ needs, backed by 3 decades experience in selling most of such products, to ultimately ensure we assist our customers choose the best product to make their life easier. Our product list is always on the increase for we are always on the lookout of any new products which can be of benefit to our customers. Our sales team have a combined experience of over half a century in selling our products, thus customers have peace of mind that we can guide them on choosing the right product for them. We specialize in home care products for the elderly and people with disabilities, respiratory products for elderly people with obstructive disease and sleep apnoea. We also have a vast range of first aid and health and safety products for workplaces, institutions and public places. All products sold are backed by a reliable aftersales service, for we appreciate that the main customers who make use of our products are elderly and disabled, where time to fix a product which is making their life easier is paramount. We have a team of four dedicated technicians, who provide service within 1-2 business days of a request being made. The legacy Europharma ltd has in this division, coupled with the thousands of satisfied customers we have proudly served over the past decades, remains our driving force looking forward, with mission statement focused on provision of value for money products, coupled with second-to-none advice on how to use such products, and a reliable aftersales service.

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