Food Supplements

Europharma represents a range of food supplement to complement our pharmaceutical range of products. All food supplements distributed by Europharma are of European origin, and are backed with scientific evidence of efficacy of their active ingredients. Products in this range cover a variety of uses ranging from solutions for muscular and arthritic pain, to fibromyalgia and osteoporosis, to swollen legs and vitamin supplements. Additional information on food supplements within Europharma’s portfolio may be found on the website our of our suppliers www.gmedpharma.eu and https://agetissupplements.com. Agetis supplements is actually a subsidiary of the Cypriot pharmaceutical company Medochemie, with which pharmaceutical company Europharma has been collaborating for over 3 decades. Agetis product are made on the same manufacturing lines of Medochemie, thus these are pharmaceutical-grade food supplements to ensure optimal health.

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