Europharma has been active in the laboratory department for over 3 decades and is primarily involved in laboratory products related to blood donation, processing and transfusion. Through our decades of collaboration with world leaders in this field such as Fresenius Kabi, Biorad and Greiner Bio One, we have proudly supplied the main products used at National Blood Transfusion Services for over 3 decades. Over the years, Europharma has grown in this department to also cater for other laboratory requirements including medical refrigeration, horse blood agar plates, and supply of various medical devices and consumables. Europharma has ample experience in the aftersales requirements of such complex equipment, and is equipped with factory trained personnel that ensure that any requests for servicing are met with adequate timeframes. Europharma is also well experienced in handling the complex logistics of consumables of this department, including products with less than one-month shelf life requiring cold chain.

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