Comfi-Grip Long Handled Toe and Foot Sponge

Article Number: Hfha079010
Brand: Helping Hand
Looking after your feet is important, especially if you have diabetes. Treating common foot problems – such as corns, calluses, bunions and ingrown toenails – can help to prevent problems that make you unsteady on your feet and at risk of a fall. Treat your feet to a little pamper with our long handled toe and foot sponge. Lather up with your favourite shower gel and use the contoured base of the sponge to wash the soles of your feet. The tapered top of the sponge will get in between your toes and clean effectively, leaving your feet feeling cleansed, invigorated and refreshed. Suitable for men and women of every skin type including sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin. Long handled sponges help remove dead skin and toxins and stimulate circulation. What are the benefits? Easy to hold Comfi-Grip handle – even with wet hands Bendable long handle – easily adjusted to help wash all over your body Wash and scrub your feet comfortably and easily – tapered head to clean in between your toes Hygienic, washable and practical – hang up to dry, ready for next time Length – 26″/66cm
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