Lifting Chair Success Blue

Article Number: Hg487002
Brand: Herdegen
Remote-controlled reclining armchair with Toffee brown velvet type upholstery, to improve the daily life of the less mobile person at home. The Success Toffee armchair is a reclining lounge chair equipped with a motor that is controlled with a remote control. The remote control is very simple to use because it has only 2 buttons. These buttons allow you to position the Success Toffee chair in 3 ways: up, relax and lie down. Made in France and guaranteed for 2 years, the Success Herdegen armchair offers all the comfort that a person with a loss of mobility or autonomy needs. - Sober and comfortable armchair - "Almost sleeping" recline Has all the comfort positions: standing, sitting, legs raised and almost lying down - Quality armchair, spacious and pleasant, offering comfort and safety to its user - Delivered with an adjustment kit: backrest adjustable in depth to suit all morphologies - Backrest inclination: Almost sleeping - Headrest and armrest protections provided - Mono motor with remote control - Low voltage motorization - Clever book pocket on the right side - Quality treated fabric Technical and commercial characteristics : Dimensions : - Height of the seat / floor: 46 cm - Depth of the seat: 49 - 54 cm - Height of the backrest: 71 cm - Width between armrests: 56 cm - Height of the armrests / floor: 60 cm - Total height: 104 cm - Total width: 84 cm - Total depth: 92 cm (sitting), 167 cm (lying) - Foam density: * For the backrest : 17 kg/m3 * For the seat : 21 kg/m3 - Cover material: velvet - Colour: Toffee (other colours available here) Electrical power consumption: 88 Watts Wheelchair weight: approx. 50 kg Max. user: 130 kg
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