Handigrip Por Reacher 26Cm

Article Number: Hfha8226
Brand: Helping Hand
The Handi-Grip PRO Reacher gives fingertip precision every time. Super flexi lips make easy work of big, small, flat or round objects. Just like a human hand, the Handi-Grip PRO is great for picking up every day objects around the home. Do you have limited mobility in your hands? This Reacher features a 90-degree unique rotating head which takes all the strain out of the wrist. Simply pull, twist and return. The non-slip jaw has extra teeth – meaning you can easily pick up a coin or credit card off the floor. What are the benefits? Easy to hold – a comfortable balanced grip, even with wet hands Wider opening jaw – pick up as much as you can hold – including bottles, tins and jars Hooked trigger is a great dressing aid – ideal for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper Available in two lengths – 26″/66cm
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