Ezy-On Tall Compression Stocking Frame

Article Number: Hfha0880
Brand: Helping Hand
Doctors recommend wearing compression stockings for a variety of medical problems. Increasing circulation up and down the legs and feet, commonly used to prevent and treat conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins and venous leg ulcers. You may also be recommended post surgery. The Ezy-On Tall best compression stocking aid is part of our dressing aids range. It is a strong robust metal frame which helps keep the pressure tights open. Making it easier to get the stocking onto your foot, but also reduces the stress in your hands and wrists caused by pulling the stocking open. What are the benefits? Suitable for – above and below the knee support stockings, class 1 and 2 compression tights, open toe medical TED stockings, everyday casual socks and sports socks. Confidence to put on – compression stockings lying or sitting, by yourself Chunky foam handles – easy to hold and non-slip feet to ensure your safety Reduce leg and feet swelling – helps you to keep active Dimensions – 15″/38cm tall – 5″/13cm wide opening
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